Tuesday, 10 January 2012


My ten solemn and life-changing resolutions for 2012:

1) I shall perform every task punctually.

2) I shall no longer allow myself to be distracted by every passing


  1. hmmm... oops. sorry. I was listening, really I was. Were you about to say something?

    I would have commented earlier, but I had this meeting at the procrastinator's club. We discussed the minutes of last year's meeting... what there was of it. (secretary never got around to sending the invitations)

  2. 3) I shall undermine the statist hegemony by promoting mass political apathy until oh what's the bloody point.

    4) I shall respond to the interesting issues raised by Buddy's comment with the full urgency they demand.

    5) First I shall get a new round tuit.

    6) Or maybe I shall ransack my files, drawers, and paper-drifts to see if I've just mislaid my existing one.

    7) Yes, I really need to come to a decision on that.

    8) Find out why that flowchart program never worked on my computer.

    9) This brain intentionally left blank.

    10) Goto 1.