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Jolly Saturday

Saturnus - Polidoro Caldara da Caravaggio (16th century) - public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Saturnus, by Polidoro Caldara da Caravaggio (16th century) - public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Kateverse folksong - probably about contemporary with Dame Catherine Tynde, but very definitely not on the same side. People have been burned in Morgander and Selquay for whistling the tune to this revolutionary anthem.

Jolly Saturday

When jolly King Saturday ruled every land,
All men were equal and all men were grand.
Now lords scrap for tinsel where men strove for grain,
And gold blooms from blood where it swelled once from rain,
Oh and hey, hey, King Saturday!
They've thrown us in hell, won't you fetch us away?

When Saturday's children killed Saturday's reign,
Fire on the mountain was drought in the plain.
Every god's bully-boy brawled for a crown:
Trampled the crops and the crop-tenders down,
Oh and hey, hey, King Saturday!
Where are our heroes to fight them today?

Heroes of Hector's day stood against gods:
Heroes of pedigree can't stand for odds.
My lord ain't no Hector - he’s barely a man –
It's high time we showed him what common clay can!
Oh and hey, hey, King Saturday!
We're more than our fathers who failed you, today!

When jolly boys rise up across our fair land,
Saturday's gospel our joy and command,
Peasants and lords shall change pleasure and pain:
Gold shall our fields bloom after red rain,
For it's hey, hey, King Saturday!
They threw you in hell, but we'll fetch you away!

King Saturday is the Titan-God Saturn of the Golden Age. Hector the Hold-Fast of the Kateverse is not our Hector of Troy (though several parallels exist) but a famous champion of the weak, god-bothered, and oppressed. The thumping sexism of this song is partly of its day, but at least equally because Saturnists Have Certain Issues.

As the rest of the song suggests, their ideology is not in every respect a repellent one.

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