Sunday, 11 September 2011

What's in Our Heads? What's in Our Heads?

So it's the eleventh of the ninth of the eleventh, and the big news here in the West is that ten years ago, some fucking fuckers fucked us up. That's not news, that's necromancy!

I suppose it's at least appropriate to the necromantic sympathies of the culprits.

Here are some good thoughts on how not to let them eat our brains:

What is true, no two men know by Abi Sutherland at Making Light - Against the use of anniversaries to drill us in media narratives by ritual repetition, so that our memories are worn smooth and our tears irrigate other people's estates.

The Way the Present Was by Jim Henley at Unqualified Offerings, via Patrick Nielsen Hayden at ML again - Uncomfortable truths about our own related complicity in the War Story, or at any rate the complicity of people like the author, and also people like me.

Bollywood vs. Jihad by Shikha Dalmia at - On the kind of heavily Muslim counter-attack against death's partisans that neither mosques nor media will be trumpeting very loud, fighting back with dirty sexy lively kitsch; and why the necro boys must fear it worse than death by drone.

Damn the pornography of grief. Damn the pride of pundits. Damn the dead-eyed machismo that would rather prevent one murder by coolly fighting to death, than a hundred by messily fucking for life. Damn them all to the past, forgive them, and forget them; except only to remember how we fell for them - that we may not fall for those tricks so easily again.

End the long war; make Caesar render back unto everybody what was never Caesar's to begin with; come home to civilization, however we each conceive it, and do not pick clashes that we do not need or understand with people who are not gunning for us already. Fellows and friends, we can do this!

In our hearts, in our hearts, we're still living...

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