Monday, 19 September 2011

Leland Came Calling

Kateverse folk-song, from the middle counties of Morgander in which none of my stories have so far been set. Lively, rollicking, and good to whistle.

Leland Came Calling

Leland came calling, Jankin did ride
All through the spinney to meet with his bride.
Out from a hazelnut jumped a brown maid –
"Jankin the bold, lay me down in the shade!"
"Fianced I be,
Maid of the tree –
Under the hazels, I'll lay not with thee!"

"Lord shall be true when he's loved of the land:
Carly of Coldstone shall well understand.
Kiss of my lips, as the sun shall thy grain:
Till of my ground, that thine swell up with rain!"
"Thanks be to thee,
Maid of the tree –
Sweet be thy price, yet we may not agree!"

"If thou art thankless, and kiss not my mouth,
Hard shall thine hunger in famine and drouth.
If thou wilt come but to Carly's cold womb,
Naught shalt thou find there but dust of thy tomb!"
"Bale be to thee,
Maid of the tree –
Die thou or I, ere thy curses I see!"

"Jankin of Leland, now lay down thy knife!
Carly of Coldstone shall love thee for life.
Woe that I doubted, that well was I loved!
Constant of all lusty men thou art proved.
Carly I be,
Heart-fast to thee –
Under the hazels, come lay down with me!"

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