Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Johnny Parr

Kateverse folksong from the midlands of Morgander. I don't seem to be able to shut off the tap at the moment - possibly I just needed something to cleanse my palate of all the nasty Carterets! A quick merry song that practically cries out to be accompanied on a flute or tin whistle.

Johnny Parr

Good day to you, my young pretty maid,
And tell me who you are?
"Oh, I'm the girl who goes out in the morn
For to wed with Johnny Parr!"

Young Johnny has nor blood nor brawn,
Nor brains to take him far!
"His heart and hand are kind and grand,
So I’ll wed my Johnny Parr!"

Oh tell me, maid, from whence you come,
And who your parents are?
"They're them I left by the light of the moon,
For to wed with Johnny Parr!"

Then give me now your silver ring –
Your day I would not mar,
But the ring when mine is a month of wine,
And I dread not Johnny Parr!

"Oh it's here's my belt, and it's here's my boot,
And my ring shall leave the scar,
For it's Quick-Claw Kit that you stopped, you nit -
And she'll wed her Johnny Parr, she will,
With a ring for Johnny Parr!"

Quick-Claw Kit is a generic stroppy Katherine from the uncouth eastern marches. Name, implied origin, and attitude fit a stereotype of dale and forester women that spread far and wide in the generations following the events of Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland. It wasn't exactly ungrounded.

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