Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fair Lory and Kind Evett

Kateverse folksong from across the Sea of Stars. This very remote descendant of Carteret hails from the Freegarths of Starkady. That is a tough frontier country, and this interpretation of Kind Yvette is nobody any scoundrel wants to mess with. The tune is pretty much stolen from subtly influenced by our own world's Sovay.

Fair Lory and Kind Evett

Fair Lory calls on Evett her friend,
But she is weeping at journey's end.
Her dress so tattered, her cheeks so torn,
And she lamenting that she was born.
"Oh lovely Lory, why such dismay?"
"As I rode singing by Carter Haye,
A masked man took me in ambuscade -
No more is Lory your merry maid.
I am so hurt I am fain to die.
All doors but death close to such as I!"
"I'll give you hearth, and I'll give you bed,
And your oppressor shall soon be dead.
I'll bring you balm, and I'll feed you brose -
I'll feed your felon to carking crows!"
Evett has put on a veil of mist -
A pretty pistol that never missed -
A knife that nestled where none could see -
Her lips she's poisoned with solany.
"And if your foe I can't find again,
I'll bring my true love and all his men.
No less than I, love, he loves thee well,
And we'll avenge thee in mouth of hell!"
So as Evett rides by Carter Haye,
A hooded villain steps in her way.
"Despoil or die, strumpet, make thy choice!"
She knows her true love then by his voice.
Her pretty pistol she's quickly fired -
It's always struck where her heart's desired.
Its bullet blows back to burst her heart,
And to the good lands she does depart.
Her veil down falls, and he stands as stone.
"Oh Kind Evett, must I live alone?
I will assuage me with savage bliss,
Which you shall bless with a last cold kiss!"
Her lambswool garments he swiftly strips,
And plants a kiss on her chilly lips.
The poison serves her, and serves him well,
And Furies tear him in strips in hell.
The lovely Lory, my mother dear,
She mourned Evett till her final year.
I sing this song as I dig her grave,
And lay her bones by her friend's so brave.
Stars shine down mercy upon us.

Also known as The Planet Pistol, which in Starkady is not nearly so science-fictional a reference as it sounds. Solany is here a poison derived from a plant of the nightshade kind, sometimes used generically to mean 'witchy herbal toxin'. The last line is a solemn local formula.

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