Thursday, 25 August 2011

Charles Johnson on Free-Market Anti-Capitalism

Some excellent guest blogging going on at Bleeding Heart Libertarians from Charles "Rad Geek" Johnson - on the governmental oppression and public injustice at the roots of Capitalism As She Is Spoke, and the great moats of bullshit in which her defenders and opponents alike are wont to flounder:

Libertarian Anticapitalism

I’m Against Free Trade Agreements Because I’m For Free Trade

One of the good bits about these articles is the high general calibre of the discussion in the comments, with responses running the gamut from right-wing anarcho-capitalism to a sternly statist leftism. BHL in general is distinctly academically oriented, which has its own drawbacks but certainly cuts down on the noisemaking and trollery.

Johnson's philosophy is not exactly mine, but it drinks in a lot of the same boozers.

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