Monday, 29 August 2011

Brother Nerd, Sister Geek

Via Fred Clark on Slacktivist, College Humor have a video out on YouTube positing that Religious People Are Nerds. Fred, who is both a religious person and a self-styled nerd, thinks it's true, funny, and even making an important point that goes way beyond the reach of its slapstick. Here we go:

I am, of course, as much a nerd as the next gunner on the canon crew. I can tell you anything you should somehow want to know about Castamir's rôle in the Kinslaying, or Traken sociology, or the several myths hung upon the rainy Pleiades. This definitely makes me a nerd within the meaning of the act, to which I can only respond: Preach it, brother!

Unlike Fred, I am an infidel nerd, a passionate agnostic. But after I watched this video, something interesting occurred to me.

I can also tell you - not necessarily anything, but almost certainly more than, you want to know - about the homoousion and what happened when an iota got into it, or the fire of Tertullian, or the fannish speculations around those sinister goings-on in the land of Nod. Yes, I was born into a rootedly Christian culture, and there is no good reason for my unbelief to make Christian things alien to me. But these are things that most Christians, in my experience, neither know, nor suffer any significant deprivation thereby.

There is only one possible conclusion. I am a bit of a religious nerd in general, and an enormous Christian nerd in particular.

Truly, these men and women are my neigh-

Excuse me. Must rush off now.

Jehovah's Witness at the door!

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