Monday, 4 July 2011


Books I Will Very Probably Neither Read Nor Write III... the Search for Shame!


The United Stars of Amalthea Were Falling!

For twelve thousand years, Man had proudly straddled the Milky Way Galaxy, dominating a million million worlds through a brilliantly uncompromising Code handed down unchanged1 from the U**A's arch-human First Founder.

But nothing lasts forever. The glaucous telempathic hordes of the Magellanic Clouds are swarming over the space border, diluting the values that made Amalthea great in an unstoppable flood™ of groupthink and irresponsibly menial labour. The Honest Engine Insurance Co. - once the bouncy rubber backstop of the enterprise society that went boldly where no men had gone before – has degenerated into a vast populist pyramid scheme, looting ever more cheekily where no bugger ever bugged a businessman erenow. The once-proud √úberdollar is now printed on perforated rolls, its promise to pay present gold replaced by a Union adjuration to wash one's hands after use. The anthropoid termites have gnawed their way through the Founder's edifice at last!

One woman's searing vision pierces the clouds of complacency, and sees through to the thousand-year Long Night of barbarism ahead. One woman - Doctor Professor Mirandola Raven – sets up two Galactic Gullies, hidden from the incompetent and the ill-willing, to which the few brave and able spirits abiding in the Union shall withdraw. By these heroic 'Gullivers', via her meticulously detailed Great Blueprint, must the Second Foundation of Civilization be accomplished!

The price will be high – a Long Night extended to 30,000 years by the withdrawal of every soaring soul who can tie their own shoelaces without instructions in triplicate from a superior. But 'Doc' 'Prof' 'Randy' Raven has the moral courage to impose it.

Do YOU have the moral courage to read of it?

In this mighty epic of the Gullivers' first millennium, thrill along with the bold men, passionate women, and uplifted wolverines who hectically trade, fight, orate, and dynatomite their way towards a ruggedly handsome tomorrow – relying only on wit, vision, might, and ravishingly didactic AI emulations of Doctor Professor Raven her ineluctable self!2

Will Mankind ever be free to follow her soaring and intricate master-plan to the unprintable limits of liberty?

1 You Will Be Free!, 57pp, $30 hardback, available separately from all bookshops of validly independent judgement. Buy It = Because.

2 Objectively Verified Solutions to Raven Crises, #1-16 – full texts separately available, cloth binding, $20 ea.

AND DON'T MISS: Coming soon, Objectively Verified Solution to Raven Crisis #17: So, Plagiarists Perverted Your Terraforming Protocol?

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