Tuesday, 14 June 2011

"Up Bill! Up Scythe!"

The Battle of Carrowglaze and its aftermath is finished, and with it the Rising Arc of Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland.

This was a hard and horrid chapter to write. The book's rock bottom came in the middle of it, and only after crawling down to that could I race towards the ending. Light dawned this morning on the stricken field, and I and my heroes have seen all we and Katy have wrought.

Langdale is freed, and the heart of the lords' power there shattered forever. Indeed, the high farms of Langdalehead and the ragged margins of the mid-dale are almost Katy's country already. But Langdale was weakest as well as worst of the great Northdale lordships - and there has been such a price for it, in so many kinds of coin! Nobody but all folk's enemy can afford another such victory as this one.

So the Bonfire Arc begins, and the final triumph over both lordship and cavorting, ravening curse must be sought by means other than war. Stirring as the campaign has been, I think I shall not very much miss it.

Nor even shall trumpet-voiced blood-spattered Kate, who greets a new day unhoped-for with the first and last love of her life; and, for very ruth and pity, weeps her fill at last.

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