Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Wedding Song-and-Dance

How should a genial Tortoise Anarchist celebrate the fact that a guy and a gal got married the other day, and most of us got a holiday out of it? Well, it is certainly better to shut everything down to celebrate the wedding of harmless folk, than it is for the more usual reasons of Imperial progress or plutocratic shock-and-awe. Moreover, I am quite the booster of marriage, and in these unstable times when its very existence across the Western world stands under threat from officious government meddling, I think we ought to call a greater Art than any of mine to its aid.

So here are some ladies having some proper Mayish fun, singing two epithalamia or wedding-songs and a free bonus hymn to Aphrodite, in a merry recreation of the heyday of their author, called the Tenth Muse: honey-smiling, violet-weaving Sappho of Mytilene.

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