Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Hero of Damascus (Now with Extra Tossweasel)

After all the kerfuffle about a villain who died, here is Amina A.'s report of a hero who lived, from her blog A Gay Girl in Damascus. (Hat tip: Michael O'Hare, at The Reality-Based Community.)

My father, the hero

Any further words from me are beside the point, except these: read it, that your heart should sing.

UPDATE 13/06/11: This story is not in fact true, being part of a long-running hoax perpetrated wholly or partly by one Tom MacMaster, whose aggressive bogo-apology upon being rumbled may be discovered here. Fuck you very much, Tommo!

H/T James Nicoll, who also provided links to the unmasking, and to the reactions of some of the people our ungay ungirl not in Damascus has, in fact, done a deal of no good to.

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