Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Bag

A rubbish bag designed to withstand seagull attack - by Totnesmartin at Wikimedia Commons - released by author into public domainOsama bin Laden has finally listened to public opinion and gone to hell, with US military assistance. Or if he is as wrong about the existence of hell as he was about everything else, he has at least gone down to Davy Jones, to which his slayers immediately consigned his carcass - which made me wonder a bit, and has been explained thusly:

US media reports said that the body was buried at sea to conform with Islamic practice of a burial within 24 hours and to prevent any grave becoming a shrine.

I do not wish anybody, not even Osama bin Laden and his blood-mad acolytes, in hell; but I am glad he has vacated my planet, and I won't say that often about anybody.

This was, if truly reported, no mean deed and no bad one. It was also not remotely worth the endless stream of mean and bad deeds that have led up to it over the last decade. It's hard to see how anything could be - the killing of one beaten, hate-hollowed, crazy-crafty butcher is way down the scale of "good things to warp a world-spanning civilization around". But now at least it's done, may we also be excused the warping, and call off the re-enactment of the Soviet Union's suicide dive into Afghan occupations? In fact, may we please call off the rolling War on Randoms altogether?

Because if this won't serve as a marker for the West to flip its default mode back from permanent State of War Emergency to approximate civil peace, I can't imagine what would. Let it end here, with the rubbish just got rid of.

Bring my neighbours home. Leave the strangers alone. We're done, or we never will be.

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