Friday, 1 April 2011

Revolution, Baby!

Shocked by the power of Charlie Stross's recent pithy debunking of libertarianism -
Arguments from libertarianism are as flawed as arguments from Leninism. (Both ideologies prescribe behaviour based on an elegant and consistent model of human behaviour and relationships ... which is, unfortunately, wrong.)

I have been forced to re-assess my beliefs from the ground up, and have ended with an even stronger conclusion than his. Leninism and libertarianism must be considered, in any really rigorous visualization of the Cosmic All, as the very same meta-ideology of social rationalism, with different starting assumptions. How shall we test these starting assumptions against one another? Obviously, in the marketplace of ideas. Now, Leninism in various forms has enthralled - and I do mean enthralled - literally billions of the world's bodies and minds over the last short century. Libertarianism is lucky to get three guys, no gal, and the pub cat to discuss easement rights over a pie and a pint at the Bricklayer's Arms every third Wednesday.

Clearly, then, if I believe in the power of rational self-interest as expressed by revealed preferences, I must concede that people reasonable enough to accept social rationalism more freely choose Leninism. So Leninism is more libertarian than libertarianism is, and if I am a real libertarian I must accept Leninism. But now I am a Leninist, I notice that social rationalism is an inviolate scientific historical truth, and that bourgeois revisionist attempts to undermine it must be tirelessly rebutted by megabytes of tiresome blogposts and truckloads of dialectically material machine-guns. So the inevitable political synthesis is for my recent leftward drift to culminate in the absolute subsumption of bourgeois libertarianism into proletarian democratic centralism with digital characteristics!

For the revolutionary, class consciousness only exists as expressed in decisive political action. Accordingly, this morning I joined the 2ting Popular Front Online, and we shall just be rallying the digital proletariat to seize the commanding heights of the New Economy, as soon as we have thrashed out the process for oversight of elections to the Svoburo's Standing Orders Committee.

We is in ur MMORPGs, organizin ur AIs.

Monsters of the Web, unite! You have nothing to lose but your dungeons!

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