Friday, 18 March 2011

The Hunting of the Boar

The great boar hunted beneath the green hill, from a 14th century Tacuinum Sanitatis - via Sailko at Wikimedia Commons - public domain
Kateverse folk song from Langdale, very close in time and place to the part of the story I'm working on now. The peasants are revolting, and this time they mean business.

The Hunting of the Boar

Did you hunt the Blue Boar's park
On the night the stars went dark?
Did you fight or did you run,
Jolly John, my lusty son?
"Father, father, don't you fear -
Mine the strength behind the spear
That did make the boar's blood gout
On the night the stars blew out!"

Lizzy Fizz, where did you roam
On the night the cat came home?
Don't you fear what men will say,
Now you've spent the night away?
"Men will say and men will sing,
Mine the stone and mine the sling
That did crack Sir Lionel's crown
When he took the tiger down!"

Beggar Bill, you'll answer none
Questions more beneath the Sun.
On their spears the fairies bring
You in state like any king!
"Shaft that for the Lackland sped,
Freely Bill took in his stead.
Now his soul with skylarks flies -
Sun and Moon weigh down his eyes!"

John and Liz and Beggar Bill
Knocked the hog from off his hill.
Matt and Watkin, Moll and Hugh,
Lent their hands, and so did you!
"Never more to lords we bow!
When they raise their whip-hands now,
Like the grey wolves we will come -
And we'll bring their bacon home!"

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