Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Baa! A Mission Statement?!

The constellation of Capricorn - early 19th century, source unknown - public domain, via Zana Dark at WikipediaWhat I think of corporate clack is no secret. However, O goats, I've just committed myself to this blog for another year, and I find myself wanting to expand its presence a bit. This requires a short description of What It's All About, of a more helpful nature to prospective readers than, "Hey, whatever I select!"

And now and then it's good to mull over What It's All About, anyway.

This is my first whack at a blurb, manifesto, or what-you-may-call it, for purposes of giving strangers the flavour of my meanderings and a clue as to whether they'll like it:

[Categories: Writing, Politics, Arts]

Fantasy as if common people counted. Freedom as a banquet not a diet. Life as a stream too strong for narrow channels. Humour, curiosity, creativity, pratfalls; the kindly and the sorrowful and the shiny. Playing the goat as the great antidote to sheepishness.

Yes, this is arguably about more than just the blog. Even so.

Any thoughts?

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