Thursday, 3 February 2011

The World on Maltby Edge

Return of the Kateverse folksongs!

This one was clearly composed about the time of the final climax of Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland, from which I remain my usual four or five chapters away. Not everybody who has issues with the aristocrats is thrilled to find the Dales on the edge of a popular and distinctly elf-touched revolution. To judge by his language and sentiments, the author is an educated and conservative townsman, who could really do without having the reasonable world overturned in torch-flame and star-fire.

The World on Maltby Edge

Three red suns awake the East.
Loafer's most and lord is least.
Shepherds, flock behind your Beast -
Katy's banners flying!
Knights will beg and beggars ride.
Woman wanders, man must bide.
Saturn reaps the Fenny Side -
The world's turned upside down now!

Foes do good and friends do hurt.
Healer waves the bloody shirt.
Oaf eat beef and earl eat dirt -
The world’s turned upside down now!
Tales are truth and sooth is lies.
Tailor strikes and soldier flies.
Witches walk the stormy skies -
Katy's banners flying!

Grey wolf howls in crimson gloam.
Elf-horns cry, and gods keep mum.
Quick fall cold, and dead march home -
Katy's banners flying!
Lift the earth and sink the sun.
Whore and holy speak as one.
Duke and drab crack hearts on stone -
The world's turned upside down now!

Old days die on Maltby Edge.
Dream is doom, and play is pledge.
Honest tongues may well allege
The world's turned upside down now!
Will it totter ere it turn?
Will we marry, will we burn?
Must we hail, or durst we spurn
Katy's banners flying?

Why can't we have piecemeal, moderate, sensible advances? Don't these people realize they are playing into the hands of Dead Saturn and the Great Levellers?!?

I know where the guy's coming from, though.

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