Monday, 7 February 2011

"She Will Walk the Milky Way and Old Time."

Bodies of stars wrestling beyond the fields we know. - The Antennae Galaxies, by NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team - public domain. The strangest chapter of Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland yet: viewpoints from Golden Kate and Luke as usual, but also Elegant Elder Sister, Fiery Younger Sister, Bonecold Refugee, Hero-Father... All that came of the great stroke in the last chapter, seen through every kind of eye. And the merely human enemies, in Allingdale too, have been busily making up for lost time.

Time. Time and things timeless...

It is a most grievous and ruinous thing (who hasn't known it, believe me!) to lose a beloved parent to mortality. But what if the fear were a worse one than that? What if one might lose them so utterly, that between one moment and the next, all fond memories of them might have slipped away into childish make-believe, and the truth have always been that they were a god, or a devil, or a vain and babbling drunken braggart? Or what if, living and dying down elvish roads, in their death at one iron's point they might cease ever to have lived at all, and become only a romantic tale told of twenty fleshly folk?

Easy and perilous, in dancing its daggered glades and hawking with its haggard lightnings, to forget what Faerie, in all the worlds, was always - and why time there carves out no refuge.

In the country where stories turn truths, what must truths be?

Katy. Katy. Come home.

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