Saturday, 15 January 2011

You Can't Have One Without the Other

Social authoritarian, economic liberal: You can use your stuff for whatever you like! I will tell you what you may like!

Social liberal, economic authoritarian: Just do whatever you like, dude! Using whatever resources I like, in the manner I will tell you!

Yes, it is passing brave to be a liberal, and still have everybody freely doing whatever you like. Truly, you must be among the godlike of this world, like!

[Capers off, singing:]

"When Numa sanctified the State,
He praised the Great God Janus,
Who flaunts two faces brazenly,
Yet never shows his anus.
Ye statesmen who aspire to all
The honours to him owing,
Draw spunk from Numa's big brass balls
To catch us come-and-going!"

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