Monday, 10 January 2011

Not the Tragedy of the Commons

A commoner - by me - my private property, precioussss! As a libertarian, it's easy to simply assume 'privatization good, nationalization bad'. In fact, I'm almost as suspicious of privatization as of its alleged reverse. I find myself bridling at privatization for very much the same reasons I'm friendly to private property - common or otherwise. Too often, it seems like a culmination of the following sequence:

1) These are everybody's rights.

2) We represent everybody, therefore we shall administer these rights.

3) These rights would be more valuable to everybody if they were less dispersed.

3a) [OPTIONAL] Or mismanaged by us, while we invest their fruits down the pub.

4) We will sell these rights to our mates, and blow the money on beer.

5) These are our mates' rights. We are drunk. Wheee!

I feel there ought to be a shorter word which describes this behaviour, and yet somebody seems to have stolen it from the tip of my tongue.

- No, I don't think any of the acts in this - Farce of the Private? - are inevitable, though they sort of increase in likelihood as the play progresses.

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