Friday, 28 January 2011

Hey Muhammed!

The Egyptian dictatorship is already so nervous as to knock out the
national Internet
in advance of today's planned protests. Even here in its heartland, the ferociously reactionary Muslim Brotherhood seems to have been caught almost as flatfooted as the government, coming late and reluctantly to the party.

"Hey Muhammed, say to Bulis, Tomorrow Egypt will be like Tunis!"

- Popular Egyptian protester's chant yesterday. Bulis is a common Christian name in Egypt. Via Chris Bodenner at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish, The Atlantic.

From their mouths to Lady Luck's lugholes!

It's a million-to-one chance, but it might just work.

Update 11:44: US Vice-President Joe Biden warns common foreigners not to get uppity, and explains lucidly that Mubarak cannot be considered a dictator, since his dictates align with US national interests. Back into your boxes, underpeople! - Well, fuck you too, Joe!

Update 18:14 It... might... just... work! Egyptian government throwing curfews around and sounding actually shaky. Unconfirmed reports of army-police clashes. Hague (UK), Clinton (US), Merkel (Germany) now stressing need for Mubarak to allow peaceful protests and answer reform demands. But who the hell in Egypt is going to trust him? Muslim Brotherhood still seems to be playing catch-up, in crappy thin-soled trainers. BBC live newsfeed here.

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  1. 'Anarchism' tag in a more or less Gandhian sense here. The protesters are clearly not looking for anarchy in either the bad Hobbesian, or the good pure-civil-society, sense. But dictatorships are more arbitrary and anarchic in the bad sense, whereas the current protests are pushing towards a more civil form of government and away from, "Pharoah's overseer says: Shut up and build that pyramid!" - and doing it in the teeth of the whipmen. That, for this Tortoise Anarchist at least, is quite heroic enough to be going on with.


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