Monday, 24 January 2011

"Dreadfuller than Song or Story"

...and they were sore afraid.  And the angel said unto them, 'Fear not...'; but, hello, it was an ANGEL! - The Annunciation to the Shepherds, by Taddeo Gaddi in Santa Croce Church, Florence, Italy - public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Another chapter finished of Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland, and not in the manner I expected. My protagonists pulled off a very nice trick with people's expectations, to get the cry of "Good Katy Comes!" echoing down every dale. A real person can't come back and set everything to rights like King Arthur or the returning hero in a fairy-tale? Well, but if you have that real hero on your side, she might be able to get folk to do a lot along those lines, whilst writing as much as they need of it down to her. Bluff, tweak, nudge, and when necessary do something spectacular...

But there really is a curse, an unspeakable monster, feeding on all the wrong things. And it really does need a hero to fight it on its own ground.

Last night I learned that, in taking up her mantle from her old Deed, and becoming again something of what she was afterwards when she walked strange fields with Cally the Shining Reaper... even my sure-footed Katy Elflocks, even she, might lose herself at last. And that it's not just the Big Bad that Kate, Luke, their friends, and their more sympathetic antagonists have to worry about. It's also the Good Witch out of all those songs and stories, whom my protags have persuaded Katy to play in their deadly earnest mummery.

Good Katy Comes. But what will come of it? And can she ever come back again?

This is shooting life into the final upswing of the tale like a dash of brandy into the blood. The next chapter will be something of a viewpoint kaleidoscope. If I hadn't shown this one through a new pair of eyes, I doubt I could have seen what I just did at all.

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