Friday, 14 January 2011

"Can't Run, Won't Fight, What's Left?"

We are so foxed. - Reynard, by Ernst Griset, pub. 1869 - public domain, via Wikimedia Commons Two chapters of Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland recently finished, depositing me into a new situation I'd completely failed to foresee except in murkiest glimpses. The Rising continues to divide loyalties and cut dreams down to the bone, at the same as drawing both secondary romances bow-taut. Less than ever am I confident that I understand all of where this is heading.

I wasn't very happy with the second chapter until I passed it, most of it being taken up with an interminable Council Scene of Doom that bogged me down for a month. I'm looking more kindly at it now, as it provides a useful pause for breath in a sequence of otherwise constantly escalating tension. Also, it is much shorter to read than it was to write.

Now I'm into the truly uncharted territory: the wrong people rebelling at the wrong time, and Kate's son and Katy's daughter seizing a chapter of viewpoint to see if they can break doom with it.

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