Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Time Out

Time Out

Got me born, got to school,
Knuckles whacked with a pointless rule.
Got me mates, got a job,
Raised some Cain and I played some hob.
Learned the truth of my mind and hand
Was the one true faith I could understand.
Met my only Laura Lee -
And the time was running away with me!

Best of friends, better soon,
Loved long weeks in an afternoon.
Married in June, baby in May,
Worser work and a wedge more pay.
Played up hard, earned some more,
Earned the keys to our own front door.
King of a castle in Bermondsey -
But the time was ticking away from me!

More kids came, first kid grew,
Turned me grey and my language blue.
Made more bread, made my name,
Hardly at home but to catch the blame.
Worked all week, drank weekends,
Separate lives and separate friends.
Missed our anniversary
While the good times rattled away from me!

Gold or girl? Laura won.
Leaner times but some time for fun.
Kids grew up, grew up well.
Rat race over! Time to sell!
Time to ramble and time to ride!
Time for me and my young heart's bride!
Bought a bungalow by the sea,
And our tide was rolling away with me!

Got me sick, got me bulk,
Got to live in a riddled hulk.
Got to hear my doom was nigh.
Got to see my Laura cry.
Got to throw one last big feast
To spit in the wind and to spite the Beast.
Ten thousand things I've still to see -
And the time is taken away from me!

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