Monday, 10 May 2010

Goat Notes

Following our February discussion about the future of this blog, by general advice I decided not to divide it up by subject.

However, there's a particular style to Goat in the Machine, and several times recently I've hung back from posting something here because it's just too insubstantial to fit. (Nothing is too frivolous or capricious to fit here, but that's quite a different question!) So for spontaneous bleats, heel-kickings, crap puns, and announcements of more social than substantial or literary interest, I'm trying my hitherto-passive LiveJournal on for size. As I explain in my starting post there:

Although my main blog continues [here], that's really for articles and think-pieces great and small. Since I'm hanging out more here now, I've decided to dedicate my LJ account to short informal entries that don't really match the Goat in the Machine style. Journal entries, like....

Also for posting wordcountery, and other nuts-and-bolts stuff like that about my writing that doesn't naturally turn into an essay all of its own. The trouble with the essays is that whilst they often help with my writing, they also compete with it for time and Muse's fire. So this is basically an attempt to supplement them with chit-chat, which is where LJ's connectivity wins out over Blogger. We'll see how the experiment goes!

So we shall. The content and frequency of posts over here shouldn't change at all: Goat Notes is intended as a completely separate caper, to make space rather than to crowd it.


  1. Please, for my sake, consider doing it on Dreamwidth instead! I can get someone to give you an invite if necessary. I'm trying to leave LJ completely (for reasons that I won't state in public) and I don't need an incentive to stay.

  2. Oh, dear.

    Myself, I'm not very pleased with LJ's strange linky behaviour, and I see that several folks I know have some sort of Dreamwidth-centric mirror deal going on over there. I need to be active on LJ, because of a beta-reading community I'm committed to on it. No special reason Goat Notes needs to originate from LJ, however. Thanks for the offer of help with the invite!

    Let me just do a bit of research on Dreamwidth, now - I know very little about it, beyond the name and that some people are very fond of it. I'll get back to this anon.

  3. Please mail me (irina at valdyas dot org) because I'm sure I'll forget to check back, head like holey thing. (Also, not sure whether I'll be in a position to read mail from Wednesday until Sunday, please be patient)


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