Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Goat Dreams

Following on Irina's recommendation yesterday, I've now taken time to scout around Dreamwidth - a code fork of LiveJournal set up by its ex-staffers Denise Paolucci and Mark Smith, which a number of my cyberpals have found much preferable. Now I know why.

One thing I very much like about it is its ad-free service model. Another is the simplicity and courtesy with which it presents itself. It is evidently designed by, and for, grown-up persons who like their privacy, and dislike being either lectured or chivvied. Here are its principles and promises - admirable ones indeed. This is the only deliberately entertaining diversity statement I have ever seen written with serious intent. The shortage of pomposity or assumed authority therein has been noted, and ought to be widely emulated.

Yes, I suppose I am a pixel-stained technopeasant wretch, and I would say that wouldn't I? - but, even so.

If Dreamwidth lives up to first impressions, I shall be deeply impressed with its community indeed.

Accordingly, the Goat Notes experiment has moved to Dreamwidth, though its postings will continue to be copied to the previously announced location on LiveJournal. My other LJ activities, like this blog, remain unaffected.

Thanking y'all for your patience, and apologizing for the inadvertent false start!

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