Thursday, 18 March 2010

NBG plc

As every young pointy-hair learns on its MBA course, one of any business's most valuable assets is its brand. It therefore behoves its trusty stewards to nurture it without skimping or stinting, and those in charge of this manuring are surely well worthy of their hire.

In further news, frictional losses are negligible, markets clear to equilibrium, and democracies elect the most trusted and beloved of their citizens to preside over them with honour and dignity.

Two incidents yesterday fuelled these reflections. Firstly, I happened to pass the High Street offices of the 'leading social and home care niche recruitment agency', BS Social Care. I presume that its marketing director is a Taurus!

Secondly, UK directory inquiries firm 118 118 has long been streets ahead of its rivals in the public awareness, thanks to its iconic twin droopy-moustached runners, whose simple pseudo-adventures are a persistent feature of the Metro comics page. Since I always turn to this for my daily dose of Nemi, I noticed that the lads have been put to work shamefacedly pimping the 'smart deals' available via 118 118's parent US company, one Knowledge Generation Bureau. But I had to look that up. Because they prefer to operate as...

...KGB deals!

Sources close to the CIA declined to comment. But hey, what does Crescent Islamic Airways plc know anyway?

I am left unsure whether I ought to be gnashing my teeth that our dear oligarchs are feeling so secure that they are now openly taking the mickey out of us like this -

- or jumping up and down and cheering, that their humble minions are doing exactly the same to them!

I will take the better view. The third possibility - that we owe it all to the most terrible of our goddesses, that Stupidity before whom Nemesis Herself must pale and remember an important engagement elsewhere - is really too abominable to contemplate.

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