Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Bring Me Sunshine!

The weather, at least, seems to be listening. This March has been as fair, so far, as the winter was foul. The other day crossing the playground, I heard a blast - better say, a zephyr - from the past.

A kid, in the midst of a low-octane football game, was singing a bit of Bring Me Sunshine - the signature song of Britain's best-beloved comedy duo in my childhood, the immortal Morecambe and Wise. His mates seemed right cool with it, smiling along with it in fact.

Eric and Ernie were not, in the flesh, quite immortal enough, but few from my generation to the oldest now living have forgotten them. Because they need no excuse, here they are again:

In an age too often content to boogie along to Lily Allen's small spiteful empty-tin Smile, it warms the heart to see another cohort of boys growing up to appreciate one with sunshine in it!

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