Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sure, Father Ted, and the Joke's on Me This Time!

If the Devil cannot abide to be laughed at, can we assume that God by contrast always gets the joke?

And if He does, can we further assume it is the one we hope it is?

One might build a whole typology of religious views on the answers to those two questions.

My instinct: Yes He does, and no we can't - but we can trust that He is laughing at something honestly funnier, and that 'Nur hur!' most certainly does not count.

Some might think these strange musings from a joker whose agnosticism lies so close to atheism that one could scarcely slide an iota between them. But while they are indeed in a spirit of jest, there is in several ways a great deal of Bilbo in me, and like him I am a great believer in joking about serious things. Indeed, that is the only serious way to talk about some things at all.

And since I have long held, in my atheistical and adiabolical way, that the devil cannot abide to be mocked is about as wise and true a saying as anybody could ask for - tonight it occurred to me that it still ought to be wise and true if I turned it over to look at the obverse of it.

At the very least, it is something to bear in mind when I weave worlds more plainly godstouched than our own. Presumably, too, in touching on those things in our world that make me weave them.

...So, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost walk into a joke, and they say, "Let's make this scoffer forget the punchline." Boom, boom!

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