Thursday, 11 February 2010

My Middle Name Ain't Misery

Solomon's Seal, by Pearson Scott Foresman via Wikimedia Commons - public domain.  This version not licensed for sorcery in Canada, Israel, Liberia, or Vatican City.  Beachball not included. They've made a film about one of Conan-creator Robert E Howard's earlier and lesser-known creations, the savage and gloomy Puritan adventurer Solomon Kane. I haven't read any of the Kane tales to date, and haven't been in a Howardy humour for a fair old while. I'd expect, though, to be among the movie's natural audience.

Today the advertising campaign passed me by on the side of a London bus. By Crom, I don't think much of it!

The tagline they have chosen is as follows:

"Fight evil with... evil."

Dunno about anybody else, but my gut reaction to that is, "Okay, Solly me lad, you just toddle along and do that now. Since I don't seem to have a dog in this fight, maybe I'll go and take in a show about fighting Puritanism with... chocolate instead!"

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