Friday, 19 February 2010

"And Nearly There Was No Song of It..."

" what hungry wolves will sing for anybody handy."
Blood and tumult in the Debatable Woods, and wolves slunk shivering to bed without their supper. And nearly there was no song of it here either, for this was the chapter of Killer-Kate I'd most dreaded writing: that of the Last Mortal Passage. Albeit my pains with it have been something less than my poor friends' on the other side of the page, in the starving woods where that which came has come. Anyway, I've finished it now.

The next sequence is that of Cold Flames and Hot Ashes, which I can begin tomorrow, and whose course I know and partly understand. I think there are two chapters in it... What I'll have to do before I get very far, though, is to rough out my present understanding of the whole tale up to its pivot-section, which for spoilerific reasons I shall call simply the Wassail. Beyond the Wassail I can speak of the Rising, and then at last of the Bonfire. If I review the Wassail arc all the way up to the eve of the Rising, then on present count I have three more chapters to work through there. I may need to cull some sub-plots and even some characters here: the spine of the story is straightening, and the pace of the Rising has got to be ferocious. I can't afford any drag on it at all.

Bother it! I really hope I can keep all the chief characters from the Wassail. It is as much the broad heart of the tale as its pivot, and I hate the idea of straitening it. Well, time to go and see what I can do.

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