Thursday, 17 December 2009

Naughtobiography: the Pipping

Polly the Apology Parrot - image by Jacques Barranband, c.1805 - public domain, via Wikipedia CommonsOh shame. My lovely word naughtobiography is not original with me, and I don't get to define its meaning after all. My November version, you may recall, ran:

Naughtobiography, n. An insignificant slice of the banal life of a person of ephemeral notoriety.

But over at celebrity word-game site Celebrity Addictionary

(head. wall. head. wall...)

contributor Ashley got there two months ago with:

A celebrity autobiography that shares way too much personal info.

and, though I still like my definition better, I have definitely been pipped to the priority.

Amazon also offers a book from 1995 by one Arnold Rabin - The Rat and the Rose: a Naughtobiography - which appears to be some sort of exceptionally twisted fantasy. The product description reads:

But what, you ask, is this book about? It is about Good and Evil; Somethingness and Nothingness; War, Chaos and Void; Hot and Cold; Raw and Cooked; Sanity and Insanity; Yin and Yang; Impulse and Expulse; Love and Neglect; Swords and Scimitars; the Garden of Eden and Transexuality; Light and Dark; Cosmic Schizophrenia and Fleshly Pleasure; and, of course, Rats and Roses.

and a lengthy and reasonably eloquent quote from something preposterously calling itself 'Independent Publisher' begins by comparing it to a Candide for the 90's, and then goes on to explain in enthusiastic detail why it is both weirder and grosser. Mr Rabin's definition of naughtobiography, if ever explicit at all, does not appear in these reviews. It would appear, however, that he gets first-usage honours.

My google fu is weak and my parrot wears pyjamas. Polly begs your readerly indulgence for this little fiasco-let, and swears it will not - oh, okay, she's just swearing, my mistake there. Anyhow, I am firmly instructed to stop babbling, and go put the kettle on.

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