Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I Say It's Spinach, and I Say...

Tostitos brand creamy spinach dip, by John Stephen Dwyer, released by artist into public domain.  Via Wikimedia Commons.  I have no idea what this tastes like! ...over here with it! Monkfish florentine. A sophisticated meal of British fish fingers on a baby spinach salad with ranch dressing and crusty bread. A simple side of sag aloo. Grilled red snapper fillet on a potato and spinach curry à la Fat Cat... I would go on, but my drool is in danger of shorting out the keyboard.

Yes, today Google reminds me that it's the birthday of the late E C Segar, creator of that spinach-loving battler Popeye the Sailor Man. The indomitable little guy who is always ready to pick himself up and fight to liberate his silly and fickle inamorata Olive Oyl from the thuggish forces of the Blutocracy, Popeye is truly a hero for our time.

As a kid, I never cared all that much for the Popeye cartoons. Then again, my opinions on spinach came straight from the vile canned stuff their hero loves to guzzle, and I said, "The hell with it!" But even with this handicap, his arch-individualist battle-cry has never ceased ringing in my bonce down all the long years:

"I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam!"

Long and long, while we yet have faces, may that most stubbornly human of outcries yet ring.

One small but perfectly formed work of art it has inspired is this , by Kip W at New Pals Club Web-Log. I no longer remember where I first found it, but the sheer magnitude of its win compelled me to write this post the moment I saw today's Google homepage. Kudos!

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