Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I Dream of Meanies

If a shonky-looking Egyptian guy should sidle up to you in your sleep and offer you cheap tourist-class tickets for your personal Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, just say no. Especially on any night when you have to go to work at sparrowfart the next morning. Take it from one who - now - knows!

The demon-ridden cannibal tribes in the disused laboratory complex are particularly objectionable. And I don't care if you're Conan, that giant red thing they summon is a bloody sword-dodger. He's a bad sport. Luckily, a proper Catholic exorcism will do the job just fine. Unluckily, even in my dreams, I am not a Catholic. Luckily, though only in my dreams, I am a pretty fair field alchemist.

But thanks to treachery and treason and ginger-haired proto-Libyans waylaying the banks of the Nile outside Cairo airport, the attempt to summon Azathoth using me as a material component remains unresolved. Yes, after all that I got flipping cliffhangered! Tune in next week to see...

...King of the Rocket Men instead. Or anything else. Please!

For here is the truly eldritch thing. When I woke up, I really had a half-eaten brain! OO-ER! as HPL and the guys would, more or less, put it.

I shall just be shambling it into work now.

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