Wednesday, 11 November 2009

MA Day

Mortarboard, via - public domain Hooray! My certificate arrived in the post this morning, and after years of being insufficiently arsed, I am now an MA (Oxon)!

As such, I can:

- No longer call myself a Bachelor in Zoology. This at least ought to stop me getting Fine Art requests from ignorant cads who misunderstand the natures both of an Oxford BA, and of my special interest in goats.

- Vote a big fat NO when the fiends of Pandaemonium run Tony Blair for Chancellor of Oxford University. (One of these days people may chuck in the farce of nominating used politicians to that post at all, but I'm not holding my breath.)

- Wear cooler academicals at University whoop-ti-ays.

- Place the sacred letters after my name, if I wish to convey a vague impression of being a school headmaster somewhere or other.

- Walk on college lawns, with other such pleasant and orgulous privileges.

- Wikipedia thinks 'attend Gaudies', and indeed it was my invitation to this Winter's coming Gaudy Night that spurred me to finally apply. But the invitation came before the application, and I find no official reference to the matter there or elsewhere - suggesting that this may be more of an expectation than a requirement, at least at good old Queen's.

Coincidentally, I had been reading Dorothy L Sayers' excellent Gaudy Night shortly before I got the invitation. It is the best of her Lord Peter Wimsey books in my opinion, and certainly the one best calculated to appeal to a chap of the writerly persuasion. Wimsey and Vane, like Sayers herself though in their own very distinct personae, have some excellent thoughts about the difference between live and lifeless characters; and there is very vivid romance and observation and dirty work at the crossroads besides. Highly recommended. As for my own Gaudy, though, I admit to hoping for a rather quieter one.

This has been a public service announcement from your new Master (bwahahaha!)


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