Sunday, 29 November 2009

Kyra from Kazandry

The damnedest things come to me as I begin to surface from sleep. Presumably because an old soldier's song plays a big part in the Killer-Kate scene I'm working on at present, another one from the same world presented itself to me Sunday morning before I'd fairly opened my eyes. As far as I can tell, it is that world's answer to Mademoiselle from Armentières. It is basically a madonna/whore song, albeit somewhat more sympathetic than that trope usually works out. The form suggests that it can be sung round and round without limit, until the singers get bored with it or somebody makes it stop.

There is no possible excuse for introducing this into any story I can think of, so I present it here. It is somewhat indelicate in spots, and the nice of disposition may wish to look away round about now. As may any lady bearing the most excellent name of 'Kyra'...

Kyra from Kazandry

Kyra from Kazandry, Mamzel out of Lisle -
Kyra with her kisses, boys, and Mamzel with her smile.
Mamzel ties you to her strings, but Kyra makes you rove -
Mamzel's what we marry, boys, but Kyra's what we love!

Kyra from the Old Bazaar, Mamzel from the Spire -
Mamzel she's the dream, me boys, but Kyra is desire!

Kyra she don't get much love, four wives to one old man,
So give her some attention, she'll be kindly as she can.
Mamzel has four suitors, but they never get no luck -
Mamzel wants a wedding ring, but Kyra needs a fuck!

Mamzel she's a maiden, a shy delightful tease -
Kyra she's a wily wife who'll love you on her knees.
Mamzel takes ten years to catch, she'll be there when you're old -
Kyra takes ten minutes, she'll be gone with youth and gold.

Kyra she's a nasty lass, and Mamzel's mild and good -
Mamzel is a prissy miss, but Kyra's bold and rude.
Mamzel whispers Kyra plays the widow of the grass -
Kyra cries that Mamzel wants a pepper up her arse!

The Sisters brought up Mamzel to be sweet, demure, and true -
Kyra laid your sister down when she was bored with you.
Mamzel dances in your dreams, and Kyra on your lap -
Mamzel gives you heartache, boys, and Kyra gives you clap.

Mamzel can't forgive your sins, she'll send you from her side,
But Kyra is a sinner too - her wicked heart is wide.
She'll hold you in her honeyed arms, she'll kiss away your pain,
She'll mend your mind for Mamzel-dear to break it all again.

Mamzel has a brother who will hold you to your word.
Kyra has a husband with a great big bendy sword.
If each should kill the other, and the seas should turn to wine,
Then get both girls together, and you'll get along just fine!

Kyra from Kazandry, Mamzel out of Lisle -
Kyra with her kisses, boys, and Mamzel with her smile.
Laughing Southron strumpet, and lonely Island star -
Mamzel's what we sing about, but Kyra's what we are!

Kyra from the Delta Sands, Mamzel from the Stream -
Kyra she's desire, me boys, but Mamzel is the dream!


  1. I had a lot of trouble scanning "Kyra from Kazandry" because I kept wanting to accent "Kazandry" on the first syllable. I take it that it's meant to be "kaz-AND-ry"?

  2. Well, that's interesting.

    Yes, in the song, it's kaz-AND-ry, as in the Emperor Cas-SAN-der. Kazandry is a distant relation of our world's Alexandria, and I suspect that the local name really is something like 'kaz-AND-ri-yah'.

    When however I read it in prose text, not only do I want to accent the first syllable now, but the rhythm of the sentences suggest that I also felt that way when I wrote them. I suspect that anybody (in-world) who isn't actually familiar with places like the Old Bazaar, will just assume the stress is both forced and false. Then again, in a 'Mademoiselle from Gay Paree' sort of song, I guess that won't bother the audience overmuch.

    By the way, what do you reckon on the implication that 'kyra' is slang for something like 'missus' in the argot of the bazaars and emporia?

  3. Update: just fixed the line about Mamzel's suitors from the weaker 'they're always out of luck'.


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