Thursday, 4 June 2009

Vote Cast, Drains Rodded Also

Alas, neither experience more pleasant than the other, nor promising of better effect! But I found myself in profound need of a shower after both.

It has taken this Euro-election campaign, and the serious doubts I had about the advisability of even voting in it, to make me realise just how very much I dislike every one of the significant voting coalitions knocking around.

I ended up voting for purposes rather more tactical than expressive. Had the Libertarian Party UK not donated these festivities the old two-finger salute, I should have mocked them yesterday in terms like:

People own themselves and their stuff, and then the government nicks everything in the country. Please put us in government!

But considering the alternatives, I should have voted for them anyway, and I should now need considerably less of a scrubbing. Perhaps the Liberal Democrats will now return my favour by coming round and blasting out my manky drains - whilst in Brussels, they can surely pick up some high-pressure jet of other people's liquid assets, approved by all current regulatory standards for the purpose.

The first lesson I am taking away from this experience has been well expressed by Patri Friedman, in his essay Beyond Folk Activism, whose arguments have just received a pretty hard hammering in against my instinctive emotional resistance. I dare say I shall be wrapping my thinking gear around them quite a bit harder, in weeks to come.

And the second lesson is to get back to my yarn-spinning, and keep my mind out of the sewer!


  1. Glad you liked the essay and thanks for adding LATNB to your blogroll!

  2. You're very welcome. Actually thanks are probably more due to you, since having it on my blogroll actually saves me labour, whereas you expend your own in producing good stuff for it!


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