Monday, 15 June 2009

OMG, Lost My Blackberry!

Blackberry bramble, by Anthony Appleyard - public domain After about two hundred action-packed minutes in my overgrown garden, with a pair of shears and a ton of brute force and ignorance. It got in a certain amount of inevitable retaliation. Thorns were the bog-standard tactic, but particularly fiendish was the trick of catapulting concealed nettles at me with the released tension of a large cut stem. A lost car and two trikes were discovered in the midst of the thicket, and a cat objected vociferously to being disturbed in its hunt for rats and frogs and any other tormentables that might have sneaked in from the ill-maintained canal-bank over the fence. Tarzan, that bastard, swung off on one of the thirty-strand ropes of bindweed before I could cut it. He’ll be back! At least I should be able to see the charging elephants as they approach, now.

There is one stretcher, and one stretcher only, in the entire history above.

Speaking of thorny matters, I’ve now finished polishing the first draft of Rose-Bay and Adder-Fang, and sent it off to my intrepid first readers for appraisal. I’m now faced with the difficult choice of what new yarn to take up spinning until redraft time comes around. My working shortlist is:

  • Finish Lolly Black and the Broken King.

  • Finish Prince Boris, another parked tale in the same genre.

  • Push Killer-Kate and Luke Lackland to its next dramatic break-point, at least...

  • Fix the obstruction in the Tri-World Gunpowder Plot, and bash it forward to a conclusion.

  • Start a whole new darn urban fantasy yarn, provisionally dubbed Evil Genius, which is not particularly fairified nor yet fun for all the family: hardboiled grey comedy with natty black-and-white trimmings.

The last is fairly tempting, and will probably get priority if the plot finishes coalescing on me and actually makes sense. This is partly for reasons of Muse, and partly because it will stretch more of my underdeveloped writerly muscles than the others, but is mostly because I’m temporarily just a little bit fairied out for the moment.

Must go - Jane’s on the Blackberry, and from her vantage in my garret reports a great doughnut-begging of elephants assembling in the temple car park!

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