Tuesday, 5 May 2009

And Lo, There Was Much Housekeeping

A slight intermission has been occurring, as I’ve taken a break from wittering in order to learn how to wrangle this site, catch up with friends, and wrap my brain about the maddening alien artefact that is LiveJournal.

This will remain my blogging base, but LJ is so convenient for keeping in touch with the other Usual Suspects that I’ve decided to set up a small commenting-lodge there also, where I can be found under the alias caper-est. Jest and Reason had originally united behind 'caper-ex'; but dear Prudence thought it sounded too much like a handle under which some seedy swinger-type might post ungallantly concerning their previous conquests on YouTube; so, ahem, no. There are audiences whose attention I can just about live without.

Your regular dose of drivel is hereby restored with immediate effect. More features and links should be turning up here soon, as my time and techie competence allow. But nowt too fancy, since in all matters of the Web I subscribe heartily to the school which holds that Simpler Is Better.

In other housekeeping news, my flatmate and best pal is exiting this week, pursued by a great pride of cats, and my nine-month excuse for postponing the Great Redecoration has finally gone the way of all flesh. The fashionably dressed man shall be wearing a mighty lot of overalls this season.


  1. "maddening alien artefact that is LiveJournal. "

    So relieved to know I'm not the only one that finds it worse than blogger.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. Well, Blogger does pretty much what it says on the tin. LJ I find breathless, feature-heavy, and nudge-ridden. I think this is because it's more concerned with trying to Build A Community - in the sense that town-planners do it, rather than in the way that homesteaders do it - and encouraging people to Participate, ditto. Since this is not the way I think, small wonder that I keep tripping over it.

    The flipside is that some town-planners are very good at what they do, even when it annoys me that they're doing it. I can see already how LJ could be pretty addictive, once one emerged from the cloud of confusion: it just isn't nudging me anywhere I want to go!


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