Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Reading to Get A Head?

On my morning train to work, I found myself sitting kitty-corner across the aisle from a tall and massively built gentleman with a magnificent beard cascading down to his chest, and a great head of fine unruly hair that seemed to shine in the morning sunlight. He was, in fact, the denim-clad image of that Green Knight with whom young Sir Gawain had such an interesting go-around in days of yore.

He was utterly absorbed in a large floppyback tome entitled - Medieval Swordsmanship: Illustrated Methods and Techniques. I wonder if Her Majesty’s court doesn’t have some interesting days to look forward to.

I could not have made this up. But now the image has etched itself into my memory, I’m pretty sure that a story will form around it eventually. It’s just too good to let alone.

Since story ideas are not what I’m short of, I make a free present of this incident to the wide world, in the hope that a fellow-writer will pick it up and run with it, and I shall get to read the rest of the tale without the bother of writing it.

Assuming, of course, that it doesn’t turn up first in hundred-point type in every newspaper in the world.


  1. Hi, Helen here.

    Since leaving rasfc, I've been trying to find ways of keeping in touch with the people I will miss. I've added your Blog to my LiveJournal friends list via an RSS feed. I hope that's OK?

  2. Hiya, Helen! Good to see you here.

    It's more than OK, it's an honour. I'm still getting my head around the quirks of Blogger, and I've yet to set up my LiveJournal account - which I understand I need for the Compleat Experience - but I expect to be fully blog-enabled shortly...


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