Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Chapter at Lolly's

Hooray! I've just completed the first chapter of my current work-in-progress, a fairy-tale called Lolly Black and the Broken King. The eponymous heroine gets herself born at the beginning of Chapter 2, under the guise of Princess Lalage, but will get along pretty briskly after her leisurely start. The yarn is a variously distorted take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, if it were set in a Byzantine-flavoured corner of the continent of Fairy-Tale Extended England. It's complicated, but so far it's a lot of fun!

Anyway, I have to do some real writing whilst I sort the structural problems with the Tri-World Gunpowder Plot, since contemplating the creative act is a tempting but ultimately poor substitute for actually doing it. A rule which may well apply to some other kinds of creative act, also...


The Emperor, who originally stood in for Snow White's cipher of a royal father, has spent the first chapter turning into rather a tremendous character in his own right.

I love it when a lack of plan comes together!

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