Tuesday, 28 April 2009

999 Men's Morris

Late breaking news, on which further details from any clued-up fellow-Londoners would be appreciated.

As Margarita the English dragon winged her weary way home from a rather good amateur production of The Killing of Sister George, the curse of the late-night munchies overtook her, and she was obliged to dive-bomb a passing jingo in order to redistribute his fish and chips more justly. Having stashed the proceeds in her ventral tank for subsequent aerial distribution to the good people of the city, she happened to notice the following curious snippet in the grease-sodden copy of London Lite that the loot had come wrapped in. Alas, it was merely a reader's text-message tweeting, and neither her Google-fu nor mine has been up to providing details or confirmation. But:

It appears that during the St George's Day celebrations last Thursday, police were called to the Hay's Galleria on the South Bank to suppress an outbreak of unauthorised Morris dancing.

Truly, the spirit of my people surgeth against its chains, and the day of our deliverance draweth nigh.

With a whack-foddle-derry-oh...!

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